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Gonce Hotel

2019-11-03 10:53:57 | Profile
this makes me wanna dance !!!! i love it

Jessica Archer

2018-11-01 18:18:34 | Profile
I love you I seen you in girls meets world

Alba Catarineu

2018-10-31 11:44:38 | Profile
Favorite Music :) Like + Subs I love you :)

Léderer András

2018-10-21 06:41:49 | Profile
Crying with joy ( like if you agree)

GalaxyFlower G

2018-10-20 15:30:30 | Profile
This song is meaningful

Steven Laing

2018-10-15 02:14:55 | Profile
I absolutely love this song. It relates to my life so much and I also wanted to say that i love you and I love watching you in girl meets world. You are so amazing and inspiring.

My Rel

2018-10-14 21:20:48 | Profile
cast out to sea drifting with the tide and no way of finding me now that Im free nothing but blue skies paradise in front of me awake from this dream i hold my breath and just believe tired of all the trubles theyve been wasting my time i dont wanna fight ganna leave it behind taking on faith now im ready to fly im in the middle of starting over back to the beginning gonna hit rewind chance to di it over to get it right this time life gives you pennies turn them into dimes im in the middle of starting over x2 oh x16 alone in a room tearing down the walls painting over scars and bruises now this is home fill it up with love and make the best of something new yeah as hard as it seems i hold my breath and just believe